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jeff cyr
07/27/2011 10:32

Haskell, i saw part of your program on who needs sleep and wanted to point out that airline pilots and truck drivers have limitations so not tobe to tired when at work. Did you consider where the laws or regulations that control their work hours come from? jeff

02/10/2012 17:34

its still a wonderful topic and the film should be for sale via streaming

teri w
01/04/2014 23:30

Haskell, et.al.,

Thanks for not giving up on this important topic. I appreciated the historical hours worked segment, I started working in the 90s and thought it had always been the long hours. I worked those hours with you on 61* and have worked just as long on others afterward.

Eventually you have to ask yourself if it is worth it, sometimes it is - sometimes not, and at least once I have said "Not anymore". maybe this time it will stick.

I believe that many talented, dedicated people have left/will leave the business because of the long hours and lack of time for their family and personal lives - it becomes not worth it..

David Wojdyla
01/27/2014 19:37

As a lifelong ad guy, I’ve lost count of how many commercial shoots I’ve been on when I told the Agency producer at the end of a long day, “I don’t care how long they’ve been working. I want to keep going.”

But now that I’ve watched this eye- and mind-opening documentary by Wexler, Leeman and Maloney, well, let’s just say I feel like a dick.

Guys, forgive me. I promise I’ll never ever ever do that again.


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